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Payfully |

Payfully offers Airbnb hosts access to money for any booking as soon as it's confirmed; without having to wait for your guest to arrive in the future.  
Why wait weeks for your guests to check-in to get paid for your bookings? With Payfully get your Airbnb money anytime you want.  Ready to get started? Check out their website at

Properly |

Properly is a visual checklist tool that lets you easily share your cleaning and turnover instructions with your cleaners and hospitality pros. With Properly, you won’t have to spend thirty minutes after your cleaner or pro leaves to ensure your hospitality touches are taken care of and your space is ready for guests.  
You can download the app from anywhere in the world, and right now Properly supports over 5 languages!  The app is free to download.  Ready to get started? Check out their quick video on how to build a Properly “job”  in one minute here.

Party Squasher

Party Squasher |

Party Squasher is a smart tool that detects unwanted parties in your short-term rentals remotely.The technology works like this: Party Squasher counts the number of mobile devices in real time which is a proxy of how many people are on your property. Anytime the number of mobile devices exceed the number you anticipated, you’ll get a text alert warning you about a possible party at your home.