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How to Softly and Politely Ensure Your Vacation Rental Security

When you rent out your home, your first priority is the guest experience. An excellent guest experience leads to positive reviews which in turn leads to more guests. Sharing your knowledge about your neighborhood and town as well making sure that everything is clean and comfortable makes all the difference.
In most cases, creating a great guest experience would be the central part of your hosting. However, sometimes things don't go as expected. Sometimes guests ”forget” your house rules, leaving your home smelling of cigarettes or your neighbors complaining about late-night noise.
The sharing economy is here to stay. But to grow, ambitious hosts need tools to be efficient in assuring the quality of their hosting. Better tools helps guests, neighbors and the host him-/herself. This is why we created Point.
 Before Point, the best way to make sure that everything is ok was to have either a friendly neighbor or being nearby yourself. The option was to hope for the best.
There are of course technology solutions available, but these typically rely on cameras to understand what is going on — a ”no go” considering guest privacy. Instead of cameras, we analyze sounds (from below 1 Hz to bat-level frequencies of 120 kHz), particles in the air, temperature and air pressure to understand what is going on in a room.
Point is equipped with sensors and processors, allowing it to make most of the analysis on the actual device. From a privacy perspective this means that sounds and voices from your home are never transmitted outside.
 Common events that hosts want Point to recognize are cigarette smoke, loud noises (especially late at night), a fire alarm going off, or a broken window. Point will recognize all these events and notify you through a mobile app.
The most common way to be notified is through our app on your phone. You could however ask Point to make a simple sound or activate light from Point if you want to gently let guests know that something is wrong. And yes - you can use several types of notifications at once - giving guests a way of knowing that there is an issue while you get immediate updates. This way you won’t miss a thing. In most cases you should of course not get any alerts at all and for this we created our timeline view—enabling you to go back in time to see if everything as fine during a guests stay.
While we are very proud of our successful Kickstarter launch and the interest and demand for Point that has followed post-Kickstarter, what really excites us is all the great feedback that we have received from hosts and other users since we launched. We are also proud about Point’s appearance—designed in Scandinavian tradition. It’s simple and unbranded, letting it blend into any home, any style.
Is Point right for your home? Let us know, and please share any ideas on how Point can make your hosting better—thats what we are here for.
Anders Frankel
CCO, Minut