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5 Vacation Rental Blogs to Follow

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You have probably heard of rented.com, the blog on the site is extensive and well written with a broad spectrum of topics and issues. Rented.com is a must follow for anyone in the vacation rental industry. 


The RentMoreWeeks blog is a vast collection of knowledge on all things VR. I like this blog because they are purely a source of information on VR. Alan Egan is the founder of RentMoreWeeks and a veteran of VR marketing. The blog’s main focus is in the name,”Rent More Weeks”. This blog is a must follow.

Learn Airbnb

This is a great blog for Airbnb hosts looking to expand their knowledge on the use of Airbnb as a rental platform. I like this blog because it has a focus on Airbnb and collects knowledge from writers with marketing, finance, and legal backgrounds.


Rentivo is a platform for VR manager. This blog is focused on Increasing number of bookings, reducing costs of your vacation rental, and learning to become and independent vacation rental manager.


The VRMA blog is a must follow for vacation rental news and industry updates. The blog covers a wide spectrum of VR related issues from marketing to guest management and is constantly being updated.